Grinding Process Of PCD Tools
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Grinding Process Of PCD Tools


Grinding Process Of PCD Tools

The high hardness of PCD makes its material removal rate extremely low (even only 1/10000 of that of cemented carbide).At present, the PCD tool grinding process mainly USES the ceramic bonded diamond wheel for grinding. Because grinding between grinding wheel abrasive and PCD is the interaction between two materials with similar hardness, its grinding law is relatively complex. For high particle size and low speed grinding wheels, the use of water-soluble coolant can improve the grinding efficiency and grinding accuracy of PCD. The choice of grinding wheel binder depends on the type and processing conditions of the grinding machine. Because EDG grinding technology is hardly affected by the hardness of the workpiece being ground, EDG grinding PCD has great advantages. There is also a great demand for this flexible grinding process for the grinding of some complex shape PCD cutters such as woodworking cutters. With the continuous development of EDG grinding technology, EDG technology will become a major development direction of PCD grinding.

Demina’s tool grinder Bt-150J is a diamond tool grinder with stable performance and simple operation, which is suitable for customers with low manual skills. Can manufacture and grind high-speed steel non-standard, hard alloy, polycrystalline synthetic diamond (PCD), and cubic boron nitride (CBN) and single-crystal cutting tools. Including welding turning tool, machine clip blade, boring tool, groove tool, and many other types, it is easy to grind out angles and arcs and other excessive edges on these tools.

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