Grinding Process Of PCD Cutting Tool
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Grinding Process Of PCD Cutting Tool


The high hardness of PCD makes its material removal rate very low (even only 1/10000 of the removal rate of cemented carbide).At present, the grinding technology of PCD tool mainly adopts ceramic bond diamond wheel to grind.Because the grinding between grinding wheel abrasive and PCD is the interaction between two kinds of materials with similar hardness, the grinding law is more complex.For high grain size and low speed grinding wheels, the use of water-soluble coolant can improve the grinding efficiency and grinding accuracy of PCD.The choice of binding agent for grinding wheel depends on the type of grinding machine and processing conditions.Because the EDG technology is almost not affected by the hardness of the workpiece, it has great advantages to use EDG technology to grind PCD tool.For the welded PCD blade, the tool grinder can be used. The grinding wheel spindle swings from left to right and the rigidity of the machine tool can make grinding more simple and effective. Demina company has produced BT-150D CNC tool grinding machine, which can help the manufacture to grind PCD tools with high efficiency. BT-150D is made of solid casting with high quality. It can meet grinding requirements of any hard material.  The machine has a grinding fluid shield to ensure that the grinding fluid does not splash everywhere. The optical component and CCD camera are properly protected from splash by metal cover. The machine is equipped with lights and the bedside lamp inside. Cross work table is adopted with precision guide rail and two screw tightening device. This eliminates the gap, can withstand greater grinding resistance without cutter back-off. Welcome new customers to go to our factory to visit.
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