Grinding Procedures Of BT-150N Tool Grinder
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Grinding Procedures Of BT-150N Tool Grinder


Grinding Procedures Of BT-150N Tool Grinder

At first, set the grinding wheel inclination as the second clearance angle (normally from 0°to 18°), and turn the rotary table at a proper position so that the left cutting edge parallel to the X-axis of the hairline on the video displayer. That is the cutting edge parallel to the grinding wheel end face. Turn the fast feed handwheel to move the tool immediately in front of the grinding wheel end face, and then feed forward with figures screwing the micro feed wheel. The grinding wheel is removing the PCD&CBN material until you stop. Try it one or more times until the new cutting edge appears. Do the same to the second cutting edge.

Secondly, center the tooltips again by turning the two handwheels on the cross worktable. Drive the grinding wheel quickly forward until the PCD&CBN tool is near to the grinding wheel, and then feed ahead while swinging the rotary table. Radius cutting tip is forming gradually. As soon as the radius cutting edge coincides with the two linear cutting edges stop the feeding. Finally, set the grinding wheel inclination as the first clearance angle (normally from 5 ° to 8 ° ), do the same to the tools so that a very narrow flat (roughly 0.02mm thickness) comes into being on the cutting edge. The way described above is a normal method, and a special and more reasonable method is highly encouraged and reported to Demina precision. Special fixture design and even emendation to the machine will be considered by Demina as innovation.

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