Grinding Of CBN Wheel
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Grinding Of CBN Wheel


Grinding effect of CBN wheel

The key to high-quality grinding is surface texture grinding. Not only should surface roughness, straightness, roundness and other grinding accuracy be ensured, but also the aesthetics when light is reflected from the grinding surface. For CBN grinding wheels, even if the surface roughness is the same as that of conventional grinding wheels. It may be easier for chatter in the vertical direction to produce grinding striations (vibration patterns), and even scaly patterns in the grinding direction. The grinding surface is affected by equipment, tools, materials, grinding conditions, grinding fluid, processing environment and many other factors. In order to use CBN wheel to achieve high-quality grinding, measures need to be taken: 1. Establish a visual measurement technique/analysis method for surface texture. Add a variety of analysis methods to the measurement data with the optical interference non-contact 3d profilometer, so as to reproduce, measure and analyze the scale pattern in a real way. The actual change of the grinding surface is quantitatively related to the factors causing the bad surface texture, and the surface texture is improved effectively according to the contribution rate of the problem factors. 2. Analysis of the factors of bad surface texture based on grinding cross-section measurement, based on the equipment specification and grinding conditions such as frequency analysis was carried out on the surface irregularity, determine the cause of the vibration lines and squamous pattern, the results showed that the main associated with grinding wheel switch frequency, influence factors include: the vibration of the grinding wheel spindle rotation system calibration, grinding wheel, grinding condition, and the grinding force, etc.
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