Grinding Method Of PCD Tool Grinder
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Grinding Method Of PCD Tool Grinder


Beijing Demina produces the PCD tool grinder generally adopts advanced module design such as international advanced data electrical control software system, fine guide rail, and screw movement system, fine grating and servo motor feedback positioning system.

Therefore, these tool grinders are equipped with high-precision grinding motion control technology and powerful 3D machining simulation software. When in use, users can simulate the shape of the tool you want to process online according to their own tool structure and parameter planning requirements. PCD universal edge grinder is characterized by a simple structure and convenient operation and is mainly used in the production of non-standard special tools and manual tool grinding.

Grinding Method Of PCD Tool Grinder

1. Precision BT-150HG PCD tool grinder does not have high requirements on overall dimensions and precision, and the general shape of the blade is simple. The user manually grinds the edge with a general tool grinder. This kind of dressing method is characterized by high requirements on the operator and must have certain tool knowledge. The tool after dressing can only be used for roughing.

2. Another type of dressing is a fine overall cutter with messy shapes and high external dimensions. The user usually entrusts the used tool to the tool manufacturer or a local tool professional refinisher for resharpening. The characteristic of this grinding method is that the tool grinding process is edited by a software program and the fine positioning of the probe. And the grinding is performed according to the original tool planning parameters and geometric angles. The performance and life of the finished tool can reach more than 90% of the new tool. Users can choose the above two methods for tool grinding and reprocessing according to different application requirements, which can save the use of hard alloy raw materials and reduce the cost of tool use. Therefore, the grinding and reprocessing of the cutting tool is not only economical but also environmentally friendly, which has high economic and social value.

Beijing Demina specializes in tool grinder equipment for grinding various tools. The equipment we produce has a good grinding effect and good equipment performance. Welcome everyone to inquire about the BT-150HG PCD tool grinder price.

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