General Purpose Tool Grinding Machine Pp-50 Adopts Precise Rolling Guide Table
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General Purpose Tool Grinding Machine Pp-50 Adopts Precise Rolling Guide Table


Tool Grinding Machine pp-50

General-purpose tool grinding machine pp-50 adopts a precise rolling guide table, which makes the table move smoothly and has little friction. The grinding wheel motor can be easily tilted and rotated 360° in the horizontal plane. These two functions can easily set the front Angle and the back Angle of the tool, expanding the range of use of the machine tool. Various optional devices can be used to meet the grinding requirements of various cutting tools.

Technical parameters

Longitudinal table movement distance: 230mm

Horizontal table movement distance: 180mm

Table area: 620 x 190mm

The vertical adjustment range of sand wheel shaft: 120mm

The tilt range of the sand wheel shaft in the vertical plane: 360°

Grinding wheel size: 180 x 25 x 31.75mm

Grinding wheel speed: 3,600 RPM

Motor: 3/4 HP, 110V/220V/380V

Net/gross weight: 280kg / 320kg

Packing volume (length x width x height): 1,000 x 850 x 1,540mm;

Standards to match

One corundum bowl grinding wheel, one corundum disk grinding wheel, one diamond pen, one toolbox, ten hexagonal wrenches, one grinding wheel handle, one cross screwdriver, one open spanner, one oil pot, and one work lamp.

Notes of PP-50 universal tool grinder

Delivery date: within 50 days after receipt of the advance payment.

Payment terms: full payment after delivery.

Place of delivery: place specified by the buyer.

Expiry date: 90 days

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