Five-Axis CNC Tool Grinder
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Five-Axis CNC Tool Grinder


Introduction Of Five-Axis CNC Tool Grinder

1. Five-axis CNC tool grinder is a CNC tool production machine tool developed for full grinding tools. The machine is A five-axis five-linkage machine tool, in which X, Y, and Z are linear servo axes and A and C are rotation axes.

This machine is specialized in the production of standard milling cutters, non-standard milling cutters, drills, reamer, and other cutters, with low consumption, high efficiency, high precision CNC cutters production equipment. In the field of high-speed steel and carbide milling cutter manufacturing. It has an extraordinary advantage.JL215 is one of the main models of MD CNC tool grinding, and we are constantly improving and improving MC series equipment, with more advanced solutions to bring you higher benefits and returns.

2. Scope of Use:

Work materials: ∅3-∅12mm handle diameter of high-speed steel, hard alloy, stainless steel, etc.;

Milling cutter types: milling cutter: cylindrical end tooth milling cutter, cylindrical ball tooth milling cutter, taper end tooth milling cutter, taper ball tooth milling cutter, multi-tooth milling cutter, multi-edge milling cutter, multi-tooth multi-edge milling cutter, disk milling cutter, saw blade milling cutter, left and right spiral cutter, welding milling cutter, non-standard milling cutter.

Drill, tap, reamer: all kinds of left and right spiral blades, straight groove blades, standard and non-standard drills, reamer, common tap for hand and machine, extruding tap.

Other tools: all kinds of rotary files, carving knives, woodworking tools, stamping tools, CNC blades, etc.

Parts: five-axis grinding in product parts.

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