Features Of Grinding Machine
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Features Of Grinding Machine


The sharpener is simply a device for trimming tools and is used to trim metal cutting tools made of high-speed steel. Part of the tool used to trim carbide and other superhard materials.

Features of Grinding machine

The sharpening is simple and convenient, and the sharpened blade is on a straight line. Which increases the use strength of the blade compared with the manual sharpening. Increasing the service life and processing capability of the blade. The machine body consists of six parts: the body, the table, the slide, the deceleration electrode, the grinding head, and the electric appliance. The structure between the parts is compact, the appearance is beautiful and reasonable. And the grinding head is even and stable. It is suitable for all kinds of straight edge cutters processing! The sharpening machine provide with a machine base, a grinding wheel, a motor, and a transmission gear set. The motor rotates through the gear set to drive the horizontally arranged grinding wheel to rotate. And the base supports a long guide rail and a sharpening frame through the pillar support. And the guide rail provide with an angle. The adjustment knob is mounted on the guide rail. And the cutter holder is provided with a cutter platen and a fixed knob and a tool extension adjustment knob. A water tank is further arranged above the grinding wheel horizontally arranged on the machine base of the utility model. A water trap is also installed around the grinding wheel on the base. The utility model has the advantages of simple and compact structure, convenient operation and use. Adjustable protruding amount of the cutter, angle of the cutting edge, greatly improved the working environment and wide application range. And is an ideal sharpening machine.
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