Features Of BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC Tool Grinder Machine
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Features Of BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC Tool Grinder Machine


BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine is Demina's requirement for high-efficiency, high-precision, high-volume grinding of woodworking straight knives, TCT straight knives, woodworking trimming knives, arc back corner straight knives and other woodworking tools. The new product developed is the ideal grinding equipment for woodworking tool manufacturers. At the same time, the CNC tool grinding machine is also suitable for high-efficiency grinding of the groove and back of the tool. And high-efficiency grinding of the end teeth of the tool. It is the manufacture or grinding of various material saw blade milling cutters, gear hobs and high efficiency and high precision for the cutters. Ideal for grooving. The CNC tool grinder adopts a vertical machining center structure layout and uses high-strength, high-rigidity grinding machine-specific castings to ensure machine stability through aging treatment.

Advantage OF CNC tool grinding machine

BT-80 CNC tool grinder adopts interface variable programming program and configures special grinding software package. It only needs to input relevant parameters to automatically produce a grinding program. Which makes the operation of the grinding machine very simple and convenient, low requirements for operators and simple After the training. The machine tool can use very well, thereby reducing the labor cost and management difficulty of the enterprise. BT-80 CNC tool and cutter grinder adopt the new generation CNC system, which can directly grind the workpiece with taper. The operating procedure is simple and convenient. The precision of the workpieces that are ground is good. And the flexibility and stability of the forming CNC system are better than the traditional PLC control. The BT-80 CNC tool and tool grinder clamping power unit adopts servo motor. The X-axis and Z-axis are all driven by servo motor. Because the servo motor is in the transmission process, the force is strong and the stability is strong. Perfect fit and easy to operate.

Features OF CNC tool and cutter grinder

1. It can equip with advanced man-machine dialogue type CNC system, which can be used for both G code programming and tool software. The system is safe, stable, convenient and resistant to electromagnetic interference. Through the Ethernet interface and USB2.0, the program transfer between the CNC and the PC can realize, and the minimum processing time can start with one button so that the productivity can greatly improve. 2. It is equipped with 3D simulation software to display the necessary parameters of tool machining in the form of a dialog box. After the parameter input, the tool simulation can display the tool 3D graphics and machine grinding steps. Use the anti-collision function of the software to avoid collisions during actual machining. 3. The corresponding software module can use to process all kinds of tools. Through the optional probe, the automatic measurement of the workpiece and the compensation of the tool wear can realize. That is, the tool can produce and the tool can repair. 4. By cutting the spindle power, the tool with a diameter of 0.5 or more can ground and the tool can repair within 150. 5. BT-80 CNC 4-axis CNC tool grinder machine Heavy-duty design, gantry frame structure, good rigidity, high strength, and good stability. 6. Imported screw rods and guide rails ensure high precision, high sensitivity, and good stability. 7. The rotating shaft is equipped with imported high-precision worm gears, and the transmission has high smoothness and precision. 8. Can installed top and simple support points for long tool production.
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