Features Of APE-40 Semi-Auto Drill Grinder
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Features Of APE-40 Semi-Auto Drill Grinder


The sharpener has the characteristics of high grinding accuracy, convenient installation, beautiful appearance, novel structure, flexible rotation parts, low noise, and small vibration, and the knife holder part has bearings, which is durable, wear-resistant and easy to operate. It can also be used to grind various engraving tools, so it is indispensable supporting equipment for tool sharpening in the machining and engraving industry.

Features Of APE-40 Semi-Auto Drill Grinder

1. APE-40 semi-auto drill grinder adopts advanced technology, adopts precision linear ball slide rail, stable bed and light operation. It can improve the user’s grinding efficiency to a certain extent.

2. The drilling angle of the equipment can reach a drilling angle of 40 ° -180 °, which increases the function and grinding range of the machine.

3. The equipment can be equipped with various grinding accessories to complete the grinding of various tools according to different needs.

4. Simple setting.

5. Easy to operate. And in order to help customers become more familiar with the machine, we also provide equipment manuals.

6. Accurate and fast grinding. The tool grinder is equipped with various fixture energy grinding turning tools, three-sided edge milling cutters, hobbing cutters, drills, taps, and other mechanical cutting tools.

The type of APE-40 drill point grinder is a drill grinder with a weight of 230 kg, precision machining, diameter sharpening from 2 to 40mm, pump motor power of 0.06 kW, machine size mm 1040 x 750 x 1330, and the control form is manual. The scope of application is to grind a variety of drill equipment, and the grinding efficiency is high, which can improve the user’s operating efficiency.

Beijing Demina specializes in the production of drill bit grinder equipment, APE-40 UP-sharpening machine for sale. Users in need are welcome to visit the test machine.

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