Features Of 5-axis Tool Grinding Machine
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Features Of 5-axis Tool Grinding Machine


BT-100 5-axis tool grinding machine is used for grinding and making the end edge and side edge of HSS and solid carbide drills, flat end mill, ball end mill, arc chamfer milling cutter.

Features of BT-100 5-axis tool grinding machine

1. Tool grinding often requires roughing of all cutting surfaces in one clamping, and the table should capable of multi-piece grinding. 2. The tool is mainly composed of various complex curved surfaces, so the table structure should meet the requirements of multi-axis simultaneous processing to ensure that each motion axis does not produce motion interference within the working range. 3. The worktable must not only be able to withstand the huge grinding force generated during rough grinding, but also to ensure high precision during finishing. Therefore, it is required that the machine tool has good rigidity, good stability, high motion accuracy, and small thermal degeneration.

The operation method of five-axis tool grinder

1. First, determine the diameter of the milling cutter. If you want to grind an 8MM end mill, then choose an 8MM chuck and lock the milling cutter on the 50D sleeve. 2. Set the angle and swing the milling cutter sleeve slightly 4 ° (the angle of the milling cutter bottom surface is between 2 ° -6 °). 3. Start to grind the bottom surface, such as a 4-blade milling cutter. Align the milling cutter with the grinding wheel, and then grind the bevel of the bottom surface of the milling cutter after completing the tool setting step. After grinding one edge and then replacing the other edge, follow the procedure. 4. Grind the center clearance angle of the milling cutter, swing the sleeve to about 10 °. And grind the center clearance angle of each milling blade in turn. 5. Grind the second clearance angle of the milling cutter in turn. 6. Grind the side edge of the milling cutter. Hold the spiral groove of the milling cutter with an electric rod, aim at the grinding wheel. And push the sleeve to grind the spiral side edge of the milling cutter.  
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