Edge Grinding Of PCD Tool
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Edge Grinding Of PCD Tool


Grinding Of PCD Tool

PCD tool edge grinding can be divided into different grinding types according to different tool types, mainly divided into two types of chamfer grinding and cylindrical grinding.

PCD tool is mainly used for cylindrical grinders and manual grinders. Ceramic bonded diamond wheels have the advantages of high grinding efficiency, high durability, and low processing cost. The size, concentration, and binder of diamond grinding wheels have a great influence on the grinding quality and efficiency of PCD tools.

For example, a grinding wheel with a small particle size can obtain a lower abrasive surface roughness. The influence rule of the grinding wheel speed on the surface roughness is as follows: if the surface roughness value is larger, the rotation speed is higher or lower, at the optimal value, the rotation speed is medium, at the optimal value and the surface quality is good. The effect law of grinding pressure on surface roughness is just the opposite: when the grinding pressure is in the middle level, the surface roughness value is the largest, while when the grinding pressure is high (such as 5.5pa) and low (such as 2.5pa), the corresponding surface roughness is almost the same, which is different from the traditional grinding law. Generally speaking, on the premise that machining quality requirements can be met, grinding wheels with larger particle size should be selected as far as possible.

At present, the diamond grinding wheel with good processing effect is TY — ROLIT, because the diamond grinding grains are arranged in an orderly manner, and the grinding rate is 20 to 30 times that of the grinding wheel with the disordered arrangement of grinding grains, but the grinding cost is also relatively high.PCD tool grinding on grinding pressure, cooling fluid and other strict requirements. The optimum speed of PCD tool grinding should be 2500r/min(150mm diameter of a grinding wheel). The coolant concentration is 4%, the grinding pressure is 150N, and the surface roughness of the PCD tool can reach ra0.012um.

When using the PCD tool, the specific grinding method to be used still needs to be selected according to our actual situation.

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