Drill Grinder
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Drill Grinder


A drill grinder is used to repair and grind a 3-75mm large bit machine, at the same time can also repair and grind end milling cutter, tap, chamfer cutter, grinding workpiece outer circle, etc., high precision, very convenient operation. When grinding tools of different materials, regrinding can be started as long as the rotary motor, which can increase safety and reduce the time of grinding wheel dismantling and dressing. Using precision 6-claw chuck, one clamping can complete grinding, simple setting, accurate and fast grinding.

In the machining drilling operation, the drill bit is the tool with the highest utilization rate. The top edge of the drill bit will wear out in the process of drilling. Therefore, after using for a certain period of time, it needs to be sharpened again. The standard for grinding head edge is to make the head edge of the bit symmetrical with the center axis of the bit. If the center axis of the drill bit is not symmetrical after trimming and grinding of the head edge of the drill bit, it will be difficult for the drill bit to swing and sway the workpiece during drilling, which will reduce the safety of operation. More importantly, the hole drilled in this way has poor position accuracy, the actual aperture does not meet the required size, and the shape of the hole is not cylindrical, which will affect the follow-up work. The traditional method of repairing the top edge of drilling is that the drill operator holds the drill bit by feeling and determines whether the top edge is symmetrical. The efficiency is very low and the grinding precision is not high. Therefore, there is an urgent need for a bit grinding machine to overcome the above-mentioned defects.

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