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Diamond Blade Industry


Six trends of diamond blade industry in the future

In recent years, the application trend of the diamond blade continues on the rise. The overall degree of the diamond cutting tool industry greatly affects the degree of processing skills in the manufacturing industry. And the development of the manufacturing industry will also promote the development of the diamond cutting tool industry. The development of the manufacturing industry also promotes the development of diamond blades. The detailed development trend includes the following aspects: 1. The utilization of cemented carbide materials and coatings increases. The development trend of fine and superfine cemented carbide materials. Nano coating, gradient structure coating, and new structure and material coating will greatly improve the tool utilization performance. 2. The utilization of new diamond blade materials increased. The toughness of ceramic, metal ceramics, silicon nitride ceramics, PCBN, PCD, and other cutting tool materials are further enhanced, and the application field is increasing. 3.The rapid development of cutting skills. High-speed cutting, hard cutting, dry cutting inherit rapid development, the scope of use in the rapid expansion. 4. Diamond tool research and development is more targeted. Diamond tool makers are no longer focused on generic brands and generic structures. In the face of complex and changeable use occasions and processing conditions, the research and development of more targeted blade groove structure, brand. And corresponding supporting tools to replace the general groove shape, brand of blades and tools. 5. Role change of diamond cutter manufacturer. From the simple production and supply of diamond cutting tools to the development of new cutting technology and a corresponding set of skills and solutions, to provide users with comprehensive skills support and work. 6. The degree of informatization is improved, cooperation between diamond cutter manufacturers is strengthened, and market competition is alleviated. The above six points are the development direction of diamond cutting tools in the future and the development opportunity for diamond cutting tools manufacturers.
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