Develop The BT-200 Tool Grinder Technology Approach
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Develop The BT-200 Tool Grinder Technology Approach


Introduction of BT-200 universal tool grinder

BT-200 universal tool grinder is a new type of sharpening machine that has been developed to meet the international R&D and manufacturing level based on the absorption of similar mechanical equipment at home and abroad. 1. The biggest difference between the CNC grinding machine and the conventional grinding machine is the feeding system of the grinding wheel. The CNC grinding machine controls the servo motor by manually inputting relevant parameters through PLC. And then controls the up and down movement of the grinding wheel. 2. There are many options for LC system configuration. From the low-end Delta system to the high-end Siemens system, there are many sets available for all customers to choose. 3. The tool fixing plate adopts the world's advanced electromagnetic suction cutter head. The tool is convenient and firm, the magnetic attraction is strong. The heat generation is small, and the thermal conductivity is good. The heat generated during the tool grinding process can cool by the heat transfer of the cutter head. 4. The motor is produced according to the actual requirements of the CNC grinding machine. And precisely matches the software and hardware system of the CNC grinding machine with high precision and no maintenance. 5. The gapless grinding head device clamps the linear guide to avoid the vibration generated during the grinding of the tool. And reduces the accumulation of dust on the guide rail which may cause by the grinding debris. 6. CNC rack drive ensures the smooth running of the grinding head. 7. International standard high-quality electrical accessories, using world-renowned electrical brands. Can provide the most complete guarantee in terms of quality and performance. 9. Fool system, one-button operation, after the tool is fixed, you can set the amount of grinding. The amount of each feed, the number of reciprocating cycles, etc. directly in the system and then directly pass the start button before each machining. Tool sharpening can be performed. can divide into vertical, horizontal and composite machining centers. The main shaft of the vertical machining center is perpendicular to the table and is mainly suitable for processing sheet metal and shell workpieces. As well as for mold processing. The spindle axis of the horizontal machining center is parallel to the tabletop. Most of its worktables are CNC rotary tables controlled by servo motors. In the workpiece clamping, multiple machining surfaces can be processed by the rotation of the table. The CNC machining center is suitable for the machining of box-like workpieces. The composite machining center mainly refers to the vertical or horizontal two spindles or the main shaft can change at an angle of 90° on one machining center. So that five faces can be processed in one clamping of the workpiece.

Develop the BT-200 tool grinder technology approach

1. By increasing the cutting speed and the feed speed, the production efficiency is doubled. The surface processing quality and machining accuracy of the parts are effectively improved. And the processing problems of some special materials and special-shaped parts that are difficult to solve by conventional processing are solved. 2. Through the process of compounding, reducing the number of installations of the workpiece. Effectively reducing the handling and clamping time. For example, the five-sided five-axis machining center and the vertical car are combined to form a machining center. Which can realize most of the processing of the components in one loading. 3. It adopts high-speed and high-precision circumferential milling machining holes and new processing methods such as direct tapping without drilling the bottom hole by spiral path interpolation. Which greatly reduces the number of tool changes and improves processing efficiency. 4. Develop intelligent locating processing function for BT-200 universal tool grinder. Eliminating the dependence on precision fixtures and manual alignment. And effectively shortening the preparation time for single-piece small batch processing.
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