Design Features Of PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder
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Design Features Of PP-50 Universal Tool Grinder


The numerical control of the universal tool grinder not only reduces the operation difficulty of the machine tool. But also has an innate connection between the technology and the tool grinder. The complexity and variety of the tool can met by the flexibility of the software. Therefore, the control unit of the tool grinder should give up the commonality of many types of equipment to meet the special requirements of tool grinding. The adoption of software technology can reduce the complexity of the machine structure. And these mechanical parts have a long manufacturing cycle. Which greatly shortens the equipment development cycle and even reduces the cost. Secondly, in general, the user base of tool grinding machines is not large. The enthusiasm of manufacturers to store spare parts is not high. And the simple mechanical structure can also reduce the risk of equipment operation in the future. Product upgrades resulting from competition require equipment to be “flexible”. And software maintenance and upgrades can meet their needs. Conventional "CNC systems" and CAD/CAM software were not developed for these "non-mainstream" devices. Only dedicated and simple control units. Software technology plays a key role in the data processing and control of tool grinding machines.

PP-50 universal tool grinder application

During the development of the , the reciprocating oscillation of the grinding wheel that affects the cutting edge quality is a priority. We abandon the traditional crankshaft linkage swing mechanism and control the position. Velocity and acceleration of the swing by electronic intelligent components. Which greatly improves the motion accuracy and smooth performance of the swing. At the same time, it also brings other benefits such as short manufacturing cycle. Simple maintenance, and easy operation. As an economical device, the use of industrial monitors instead of computers as a means of monitoring not only reduces costs but also computers cause greatly reduces the failure rate. And is more suitable for the SME community. A light screen with multiple concentric circles is a common device for optical projectors. The diamond tool grinder has improved the device to make it a soft line consisting of a crosshair and two concentric circles centered at the intersection of the crosshairs. "Light screen. The position of the crosshair can move up and down by pressing the button. And the size of the concentric circle can also change. In this way, the tool can mount on the card to capture the center of the arc of the tool by pressing the “find the tooltip” button. So that the intersection of the cross line coincides with it so that the measurement can compare without moving the tool position. At the same time, unnecessary concentric circles are not displayed. Which makes the measurement more concise and clear.

Design of PP-50 universal end mill sharpener

PP-50 universal end mill sharpener As a fully automatic tool grinding machine. The monitoring system is the eye of the CNC unit. And the eye sees which CNC system goes. Its monitoring system weakens the function of the mechanical structure of the CCD mount. Cancel the lateral orientation rail of the CCD camera. Replace the tiny displacement of the camera with the movement of the scribe line drawn by the computer software. And set the operation password to ensure that the state of the tool after alignment unchanged. This design mainly comes from two reasons: in the front, the mechanical structure of the mechanical hand wheel driving the screw has a slight elastic deformation. And in the case of the middle and rear external force being withdrawn. The elastic deformation is restored to cause the center to deviate again. Second, there are four degrees of freedom on the small CCD holder. Any slight changes or inadvertent movements will cause the center to deviate. So the operator will frequently adjust and confirm the center alignment before starting the sharpening. The use of software technology not only greatly increases the rigidity of the CCD bracket. But also effectively maintains the alignment state. In the actual development process, it is very important for software developers to deeply study the process requirements of the equipment and the usage habits of the workers. The mechanical engineers should correctly understand software technology and control technology. Understand the status quo of newer technologies and their development direction because they often It is the person who asks questions and requests. Demina is a professional PP-50 universal tool grinder manufacturer. Our equipment is of good quality and cost-effective. Factory direct production, welcome everyone to come to buy.
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