Demina Summarizes The Working Of One Week Company Information Summary:
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Demina Summarizes The Working Of One Week Company Information Summary:


Company information summary

1. The company calls on all supervisors to discuss "customer first" and "training is empowerment" based on their own work experience.

2. The company decides to carry out "planning & enabling" activities under the call of general manager shu.That is to arrange the middle-level staff to hand in the work plan, guarantee measures, reasonable Suggestions, training content, Suggestions, and Suggestions these five contents to carry out activities, implement the "plan & empower" activities, improve the overall management level and economic benefits of the company.

Production information summary

1.  The production department checked and counted the wip machine tools of the company last week, with a total of 17 wip machine tools.

2.  The production department made an analysis on the reasons for the backlog of machine tools: the main reason was that customers with existing orders needed to change many designs, which virtually extended the manufacturing time and cost.

3.  The plan proposed by the production department for overstock of machine tools: this month, the machine tools shall be delivered mainly, two 150J machines shall be delivered before September 10, one 150N machine before September 15, one 150D machine, one 150H machine, and one 150M machine shall be delivered before September 25, and the new 150D machine shall be completed in early October.

4.  Last week, the production department carried out the activity of mobility and efficiency enhancement, that is, according to the production demand, reasonable and flexible adjustment of working hours, in order to achieve the purpose of reducing costs and improving the market competitiveness of the company's products. The first step has been taken and, depending on the actual situation, it will continue.

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