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Demina Manages Weekly


 Production information of model 150-J tool grinder

1. Model 150-J tool grinder according to customer requirements, adopt "short, flat and fast" organization for the first time. "Short": short cycle, planned for 10 days, actually completed in 7 days. "Flat": internal collaboration, information communication, diligent scheduling. "Fast": various work, assault fast, production operations, parallel cross.

2. As long as half a year-long plan, seriously treat the customer's repeated harsh requirements, do not tire of it. Kyocera 150D is the most typical example. As far as customers are concerned, they have visited the factory twice. With WeChat and site video and communication, from the theory and practical effect really achieve "durable" communication, and finally recognized by the customer.

3. Blade processing is another field of production. It used to be in trial grinding, with most samples processed. This "Yellow River tornado" blade, from small batch production so far seven batches of mass production, and a batch than a batch of quality stability, the reason: (1) internal personnel for tactical adjustment (2) processing process get repeated practice correction (3) set up auxiliary inspection (4) special personnel scheduling. 4. All production plans shall be supervised by the general manager. Achieved the "know" key, "clear" lack of analysis, effectiveness, comments, see improvement.

Management information

1. Rectification of production safety: a sudden fire around the plant some time ago alerted the leaders and aroused high attention. In order to draw a comparison, the safety responsibility system and responsible person were firstly defined in the system.

2. The rectification process system:

(1) 150 N accuracy test was carried out for the first time, new theory, let the data speak, let the effect point. (2) The tool grinding process of single specification management and guidance, from the establishment to review and approve, do the layered, points of supervision, management combined with the operator. (3) Packing, check the problem from the transport, looking for improvement, thus improve the quality and reliability.

3. Organize the production site: challenge the long-term habitual way of thinking. The original sheet metal parts to the material "blanket" is not classified, horizontal and vertical, now through the rectification, in the existing area to be divided, "inspection area", "unqualified area", "finished product area", the requirements of the external parts to the material, immediately for inspection, not allowed to heap pressure, according to the nature of the placement.

4. Rectification of logistics management: kitchen meals have been orally informed to the chef, who did not eat meals on the day, the substantial effect is not good, and frequent mistakes cause waste (food, labor, time).Now, set kanban through in kitchen door place, include to increase overwork personnel to eat a meal and do not eat meal personnel to must fill consciously, changed waste.

Technological innovation

This Kyo-porcelain 150D is the first time to adopt the passive device of cleaning the grinding wheel, which presents the optimized combination and the most satisfactory result to the customer. It is the crystallization of our scientific research, engineering and technical personnel's innovation and unremitting efforts. BT 150N based on motion controller control software overall upgrade, product development department excellence, constantly challenge themselves, constantly improve the spirit of product level, worthy of our praise. "There is gold in the fixture", product development department according to customer demand, constantly launched targeted practical fixture, greatly enhance the competitiveness of our products.
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