Demina Is The Tool Grinding Machine Supplier Of Great Wall Motors
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Demina Is The Tool Grinding Machine Supplier Of Great Wall Motors


Demina is the tool grinding machine supplier of Great Wall Motors

After half a year's correct decision by the leaders of our company and the unremitting efforts of the staff at various positions. Our company finally won the bid for the tool homemade project of the branch company of Great Wall automobile in ding xing. The total equipment procurement plan for this project is 12 sets of equipment, with a total equipment amount of 3.983 million yuan. Equipment includes: BT-150D four-axis CNC ultra-hard tool grinding machine, BT-100 five-axis CNC tool grinding machine, BT-2 grinding wheel dressing machine, universal tool grinding machine, and tool management system based on "cloud computing" tool grinding order and process management system.

Production of Tool grinding machine

The winning bid is a great opportunity for the company to build core technology and improve competitiveness. We will mobilize all positive factors and take all effective measures to ensure the smooth progress of the project. Establish a business reputation for the company. Complete the equipment manufacturing task of this project with quality and quantity guaranteed. And as the market demands for tool grinding machines is growing, our company is constantly developing and producing. The introduction of advanced production technology from abroad. Which is continuously improved by our technicians, finally developed a variety of new tool grinding equipment. Now Demina is not only a tool grinding machine manufacturer but also a manufacturer. Now our company's various types of tool grinding machines are available for sale. Welcome to come and consult.
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