Demina Company Has Been In China For 16 Years . She Is A Leader In Special Of Tool Sharpenning Machine.
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Demina Company Has Been In China For 16 Years . She Is A Leader In Special Of Tool Sharpenning Machine.


Demina's slogan is "Honest, cooperative, enterprising and Fair"

Demina company has been in China for 16 years. She is a leader in special tool sharpening machine. Our slogan is "Honest, cooperative, enterprising and Fair". It affected the whole company from a small workshop to a large company. No matter what kind of difficulties we meet, we will try our best to think of the company's slogan. Honest: The most important thing in business is honesty. Be honest and sincere to make friends with customers. Don't cheat customers. So we sell many sets tool grinding machine for the tool production plant. At the same time, we have gained the trust of customers from before to after-sales. Cooperative: Never force customers in the sales process, everything to customer requirements first. Put the customer's requirements in the contract to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of customers. We recommend suitable equipment to our customers for the type of tool customers want to grind. If we have any problem, we should discuss it together. Enterprising: We are recruiting experienced engineers and young talents to join our company and provide vitality to the company. The reward and punishment system is clear, improves the staff's working enthusiasm. Fair: The company never defaulted on workers' wages. There is a performance appraisal system. All employees compete fairly. We offer high-quality tool grinder for customers. Through years of efforts, our company's tool grinding machine is sold overseas. We have held many exhibitions, and our products are very popular both at home and abroad.  
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