Deficiencies In The Development Of Tool Grinding Machines
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Deficiencies In The Development Of Tool Grinding Machines


The development of tool grinding machines

The sharpening machine of the tool grinding machine was first known as the end face sharpening machine. In the early days, it only had a gantry structure, which was mainly used by users such as the sharpening center, forestry industry, printing factory, papermaking plastics and so on. Today, Semi-auto tool sharpening machine mainly has automatic sharpening machine, precision sharpening machine, CNC sharpening machine, printing sharpening machine, paper cutter sharpening machine, multi-function sharpening machine, double grinding head sharpening machine. Woodworking sharpening machine, scraper special sharpening machine, round knife sharpening machine, and other types. Through continuous research and improvement, the sharpening machine used now has changed the original loose frame structure to the steel plate closed welded structure. This modification improves the strength of the body and improves service life. In addition, it is fully utilized during use. The vibration aging treatment process reduces the chance of overall deformation after processing. In production, China BT-150M tool grinder is a precision instrument, which also needs daily maintenance, good maintenance, can significantly increase the service life of semi-automatic tool sharpener.

The deficiencies in the tool grinding industry

In the tool grinding machine industry, the number of axes is generally specified by the number of axes. The height below the three axes is high, the three to five axes are medium and high, and the five axes are higher. For the industry, the tradition of production configuration and the ancient markings are traditional sharpening machines and CNC sharpening machines, which have become the industry resonance. The single-machine alarm and active of the sharpening machine is the bias of the sharpening machine industry. Its high precision, high precision, high speed, flexibility, and intelligence are the marks of the ancient industry. The ancient equipment industry is moving towards extreme manufacturing. One is getting smaller and smaller, the second is getting bigger and bigger, the third is getting bigger and bigger, and the production process is highly integrated. But the sharpener industry has many other deficiencies. The lack of tool grinding machine industry is: First, the gaps in accuracy, stability, and reliability. For example, the foreign products of the five-axis linkage CNC sharpening machine have no problem for 1500 hours, and the domestically produced is about 1000 hours, a difference of 1/3. Second, the gap in the CNC system. The numerical control system is the center of the CNC sharpening machine. Now the numerical control system of the medium and high sharpening machine used by the international sharpening machine enterprises is all exported abroad. Third, the gap between other key components. Sharpeners can 95% up to the international advanced level. But the remaining 5% is not a business or even an industry can do, including steel materials, gauges, screws, nuts, etc., the need to promote the national industry to the full extent. In addition, the process, testing, etc. are now not up to the world's advanced level. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery co., ltd a professional BT-150M tool grinder manufacturer, our tool grinder equipment is developed and produced by our technicians, with good performance and advanced equipment. Welcome users who need it to consult the price of equipment.
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