Daily Maintenance Of BT-150M Tool Grinder
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Daily Maintenance Of BT-150M Tool Grinder


Although the use of tool grinders is becoming more and more common nowadays, for some users, the equipment knows how to operate and use, but often ignores the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment, so that many pieces of equipment do not have a long service life. In fact, for tool grinder, equipment maintenance is a very important part of the correct use of the grinding machine. The equipment protection is done, the grinding accuracy of the equipment and the service life will have a good effect, so this link must not be ignored! Then how to do the maintenance and protection of the equipment after the equipment is used. Let’s take China BT-150M tool grinder as an example to explain the importance of maintenance.

Regarding the BT-150M tool grinder, we must first achieve the processing environment of the equipment. Because the equipment has high environmental processing requirements, and the equipment can work better only when the processing environmental conditions of the equipment are met. Maintenance can be done more thoroughly and more usefully! It is worth noting that the working environment of the tool grinder is best to work in an air-conditioned constant temperature workshop. This is conducive to the stability of mold processing and the workpiece does not deform. The second is to ensure that the workshop environment is clean so that the equipment can clean after use. The following focuses on the daily maintenance and protection of the tool grinding machine: In order to ensure the grinding accuracy of the grinding machine, must regularly maintain the equipment.

Daily Maintenance Of BT-150M Tool Grinder

1. At the end of each day’s work, all parts of the grinding machine, especially the sliding parts, should be cleaned and oiled.

2. Use a clean cloth or a small bristle brush to clean up the abrasive debris in various parts.

3. The necessary parts should be coated with anti-rust oil, such as the spindle grinding head, grinding wheel flange, dial, and other parts.

4. It is forbidden to use air blowguns to clean the work surface items and grinders. As the blowgun should blow the iron filings into the track of the grinder, the rail guide is damaged, which affects the accuracy and feel.

5. Please pay attention to whether the transmission cable is loose and adjust it in time. When replacing steel cables, pay attention to the winding direction and tightness of the cables, as this directly affects the service life of the cables.

6. Please pay attention to whether there is oil on the oil lens on the grinder to ensure that the oil circuit is smooth.

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