Cutting Tool Materials
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Cutting Tool Materials


Progress in cutting tool materials

Material is the material basis of human development and one of the main manifestations of social progress. Hard alloy is a kind of composite material made by hard phase of refractory metal and binder metal through the powder metallurgy process. It is widely used in the modern manufacturing industry for its excellent properties. It is called "industrial tooth" and originated in the 1920s. With the economic globalization and the progress of science and technology. The demands of hard alloy products are higher and higher. The technology development of the hard alloy industry is also very fast, especially the hard alloy cutter and carbide blade.

Characteristics of cutting tool materials

Carbide blade, especially indexable carbide tools, are the leading products of CNC machining tools. In recent years, various types of integral and indexable carbide tools or inserts have been extended to various cutting tools. In the field, the indexable carbide tools are expanded from simple turning tools and face milling cutters to various precision, complex and forming tools. Adding a small number of elements in the hard alloy can strengthen the hard phase and bonding phase. Purify grain boundary and improve the bending strength and impact toughness of the material. Superfine grain cemented carbide and nanostructure coatings have become the main trend. At present, the technology of the carbide cutter is developing in two opposite directions. On the other hand, special material is more and more targeted. More suitable to be processed materials and cutting conditions, so as to improve the cutting efficiency.    
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