Cubic Boron Nitride
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Cubic Boron Nitride


Introduction of Cubic boron nitride (CBN)

Cubic boron nitride (CBN) is the second hardest material after diamond. It not only has many excellent properties of the diamond but also has higher thermal stability and chemical inertness to iron group metals and their alloys. As an engineering material, it has been widely used in the processing industry of ferrous metal and its alloy materials. At the same time, with its excellent thermal, electrical, optical and acoustic properties. It has been applied in a series of high-tech fields and has become a functional material with a development prospect.

Cubic boron nitride powder is used for grinding, ultra-finishing, precision grinding, polishing and so on to achieve high-precision surface treatment. It is suitable for resin, metal, ceramic and other adhesive systems. It can also be used to produce sintered bodies of polycrystalline composite plates. It can also be used as loose abrasive particles and abrasive pastes.

Black cubic boron nitride CBN due to excellent chemical-physical properties. Such as high hardness, high heat stability with second only to diamond and chemical inert, as superhard abrasive processing to achieve widespread application in different industries, has now become the automotive, aerospace, machinery and electronics, microelectronics industry indispensable important materials, thus greatly appreciated by the industrialized countries.

Beijing Demina is manufacturing PCBN tool grinders for grinding cubic boron nitride (CBN) harder material. This kind of machine is popular in cutting tool manufacturers.

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