Cooling Medium For Machine Tools
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Cooling Medium For Machine Tools


Let the coolant squirt in place

Cooling medium for machine tools, they are not only used for cooling, but also for lubrication and quick chip removal. Reducing damage to the environment and the safety of contacts is a priority.

1.Cooling oil It provides good lubrication. The oil film attached to the workpiece and the tool surface can reduce the tool wear, but also can reduce the cutting force, the surface roughness of the processing also has a positive effect. But at the same time, there is a disadvantage, the viscosity of the cooling oil is larger, which is not very ideal for the requirements of the rapid removal of chips. Especially in the deep cavity, narrow groove and other processing scenes, the chip secondary processing will lead to a very unstable working condition, the surface roughness of the workpiece will become worse, the tool life will be shortened, so choose the right cooling medium for your processing is very helpful.

2. Emulsion

It can provide good cooling, lubrication and chip removal function.Compared with the other two, there are also cost advantages, because the comprehensive advantage is obvious, so the use of the widest range.

Because the emulsion has been recycled in the machine's water tank, so the impurities in the emulsion will be accumulated day by day, the lubrication effect will gradually become worse, timely clean up the impurities is necessary. Monitoring the quality of emulsion can also ensure the quality of processing. The first is the concentration of the emulsion. The emulsion supplier will generally provide the reference value of the emulsion concentration used. If the concentration is too low, the expected lubrication effect will not be achieved. In this case, the spindle load will increase, the tool blade will collapse, and the surface quality of the workpiece will become poor. Too high a concentration will cause a lot of foam in the emulsion, and the foam will accumulate until they overflow the tank and flow to the floor of the workshop. The amount of emulsion in the tank will also have a great impact on processing quality. In the have to the machine tool, we have a special function to show the amount of water, they can remind you to add coolant in time, to ensure the smooth processing.

Emulsion in recycling, part of the tank for use, and are part of the water tank outside the space flow, once in emulsion began to increase outside the tank, water tank inside the emulsion may because didn't get timely supplement and let the water pump suction air, cause the insufficient water pressure when processing, thus unable to cooling in the location we want, the process will be very bad, in the process of high viscosity materials such as aluminum alloy, is particularly obvious. Therefore, timely cleaning of the cuttings in the machine tool, cleaning of the filter screen, timely adding of emulsion, these are the conditions to ensure normal processing, because these conditions can make the coolant flow more smoothly, thus reducing the problem caused by insufficient coolant.

3. The compressed air The ability to provide lubrication and cooling is limited but has excellent chip removal capability. Therefore, it is especially suitable for materials that are difficult to break chips, such as POM, nylon, etc. For the material like bakelite, they are very sensitive to humidity and dust powder, not only the ability to remove chips, but also try to avoid the change of material humidity, so compressed air is almost the only choice. Compressed air also causes some serious problems, such as chip collection and noise. This has relatively high requirements for the sealing of the machine and the filtration of the air inside the machine.
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