Comparative Advantages Of Demina's Machine
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Comparative Advantages Of Demina's Machine


Demina has devoted to developing the tool grinders for nearly twenty years, we have been improving our products all the time. Compared with other manufacturers, we have great confidence in our products. We draw some conclusions by making some comparisons with several manufacturers through the following aspects.


Demina adopts motorized spindle with constant torque output. Torque output is large and uniform. Besides, radial and axial run-out are up to 0.002 to 0.003mm. As for other manufacturers, they adopt mechanical spindle and driving through the pulley. Its torque output is not uniform and there is vibration transmitted to the cutting edge and peak torque.

Guide rail

Demina adopts precision needle roller guide rail. While swinging by small range, friction is distributed, wear is uniform and torsion resistance is strong. Other manufacturers adopt ordinary cylinder roller guide rail, the diameter of the cylinder roller is large. Friction usually happens at the top and bottom of the roller and therefore elliptical cylinder forms after long-time swing.

CCD support

Demina adopts precision needle roller guide, which has zero clearance and smooth adjustment with a good feeling at the finger. Other manufacturers adopt ordinary dovetail guide, there is inevitably a gap. Adjustment with dry and stuck phenomenon often makes finger "ache" and is easy to make the image "run out".

Marking line

The electronic marking line of Demina is clear and high precision. Each marking line can adjust separately at the speed of 0.01mm/time and the line width will not change when the image is amplified. Other manufacturers adopt glass marking the line. Its scale is discontinuous and precision is not high. The line width will become "thicker" when the image is enlarged and the "line" is not accurate.
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