Common Testing Tools Of BT-560E Tool Tester
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Common Testing Tools Of BT-560E Tool Tester


The tool testers of BT-560 series are commonly adopted in tool factories, tool grinding centers, tool purchase, and inspection departments. It can inspect the geometric factors and precision of all kinds of cutters with high accuracy and efficiency.

Universal template

In the field of view center of BT-560E tool detector, there is a universal template with cross-scale line and angle line. The universal template plays the role of "triangle ruler" and "protractor". Placing it on the tool image, the geometric size and angle of the tool can be measured intuitively. The operation of this template is very convenient. In addition, it is very suitable for measuring some simple geometric elements.

CAD template

The standard model of the measured object which is drawn by CAD software is regarded as the input system( in the form of DXF file). The difference between the template figure and the image can visually display when compared with the real image of the tool. Templates of common cutting tools (such as end teeth of two-edge, three-edged or four-edge end milling cutters) can store in the system for reserve. The principle is that if the cutting performance of the tool is affected by the geometric shape of the tool. It must a comprehensive function of the geometric elements. By comparing the templates, and then evaluating qualitatively the coincidence between the geometric elements of the tool and the model. The users can discover the problem at a glance. The model is suitable for high-efficiency and large-scale testing of standard tools.

Free drawing

Free-drawing measurement is a kind of measurement which is achieved by the users using the mouse to draw and fit the boundary of the measured object. There are many measuring methods in free-drawing measuring tools. Such as "point-line-angle", "arc", "parallel line" and so on. This method can use to measure the tool with complex shape flexibly. The measuring accuracy depends on the calibration accuracy. Besides, each time the optical magnification is changed, the corresponding ruler must re-select.
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