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CNC Tool Grinder China Supplier


CNC Tool Grinder, especially multi-axis CNC, multi-axis CNC tool grinding machines. High-quality grinding, manufacturing high-precision, complex-point cutting tools, high-precision, sharp-point key equipment. Is also a complex structure, automation level of various CNC tool grinding machines High-tech, high-precision. And high-reliability mechatronics high-tech products have considerable technical difficulties in research and development. Grinding of tools by CNC Tool Grinder must rely on tool grinding technology and programming technology. And the grinding technology and programming software of various complex shape tools is also secret technology in foreign countries.

Features of CNC Tool Grinder

The grinding wheel guide wheel is widened to 125mm, and the cutting amount is more stable and better. The machine layout adopts the single-sided movement of the guide wheel frame. The guide wheel shaft adopts the overhanging structure, and it is convenient to replace the guide wheel. The guide wheel adopts step-less speed regulation. The machine is equipped with a cutting mechanism. The machine can be equipped with a long workpiece through grinding bracket. The machine tool can be equipped with a variety of automatic feeding, loading and unloading devices.
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