CNC System Characteristics Of Tool Grinding Machine
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CNC System Characteristics Of Tool Grinding Machine


The technology of Tool grinder

The core technology of BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine, the vertical feed of the grinding head is manual, equipped with a fast lifting mechanism. It can reduce the labor intensity: the grinding head adopts built-in motor, compact structure, good spindle rigidity, and high precision. The front end of the spindle is adopted. The inner column outer tapered bearing has a long service life and convenient maintenance. The machine tool is economical and practical, easy to operate, and is well received by users. The precision CNC tool grinding machine adopts the moving structure of the grinding head. The front and back of the bed are integral structure, the rigidity of the whole machine is good. The longitudinal movement of the table and the lateral movement of the grinding head are hydraulically driven step-less speed regulation. The lateral feed can also manually CNC tool grinding machine superior quality, excellent performance and reasonable price are the decisive factors for the guarantee. As the leading brand in the machine tool industry, Demina has always occupied the entire machine tool market with high reputation and high quality and won the praise of our precision surface grinders by customers all over the country. The user's favorite is our greatest encouragement, let our precision surface grinders bring convenience to your production.

CNC system characteristics of tool grinding machine

Interchangeability - By standardizing interfaces, communication and interaction mechanisms. Different functional modules can run on the system platform with standard application interfaces and achieve equal interoperability and coordination. Interchangeability - The selection of hardware modules and functional software constituting the system is not controlled by a single supplier. And can replace with each other according to functions, reliability, and performance requirements, without affecting the overall coordinated operation of the system. Scalability - the user of the tool grinding machine CNC system or the second can effectively integrate their own software into the NC system to form their own dedicated system. The function addition and subtraction only require the loading and unloading of the function module. Portability - The functional software of the system is independent of the device. The various functional modules run in different control systems, that is, they can run on hardware platforms provided by different vendors. Scalability - The function and scale of the CNC system of the can be flexibly set and easy to modify. The size of the control system can increase or decrease depending on the specific application.

Maintenance and care of Tool grinding machine

1. Before using the tool grinder machine, you must read the instructions and be familiar with the structure of the machine. The functions of each handle, the drive, and the lubrication system. 2. Add lubricant to the lubrication instructions of the machine before use. 3. First check whether the locking parts are clamped, check whether the grinding wheel rack lifting system and the worktable movement and electrical equipment are normal. 4. When using, select the appropriate grinding wheel according to the material and processing part requirements of the CNC tool grinding machine, and repair the grinding wheel working face in time. 5. If the machine malfunctions or does not sound normally during the work, immediately cut off the input power and check the cause. 6. Keep the rail surface clean when in use. After the work is finished, the sand, iron filings and dust on the machine should remove. And the anti-rust oil should be applied to the unpainted surface to prevent corrosion. 7. Use and maintenance of linear guides: (1) Since the linear guide is a high-precision component, it should use in a clean environment and take corresponding protective measures to avoid the entry of dust and metal dust. Thus affecting the accuracy and service life of the product. (2) At the same time, the rust prevention and lubrication maintenance of the linear guide should do. Regularly clean with kerosene and add new lubricating oil to avoid damage caused by corrosion of the guide surface and lack of oil. (3) The linear guide components should be disassembled as much as possible to avoid the steel balls falling off in the guide rails and affect normal use. 8. Regularly maintain the BT-150N CNC tool grinding machine. In case of failure, repair it in time to ensure that the machine is in good condition. 9. Tool grinding parts and accessories, tool damage, should replace with the same specifications and performance of the accessories. And use the equipment supplier's accessories as much as possible to ensure the machine's performance and life.
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