CNC PCD Tool Grinding Machine
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CNC PCD Tool Grinding Machine


Demina CNC tool grinder consists of four axes, including the swing axis of the grinding wheel (X-axis), the tilt angle of the grinding wheel (B-axis), the rotation axis in the horizontal plane of the workpiece (C-axis) and the workpiece feed axis (Y-axis). The workpiece feed axis (Y-axis) is equipped with a grating ruler for closed-loop position feedback to ensure micron-level grinding accuracy. The machine is suitable for medium and large quantities of alloy blades, PCD blades, and CBN blades. As long as the center is completed, the system will automatically complete grinding under the action of the weighted gravity, realizing the ideal state of “constant pressure grinding, flexible feed”.Due to the high hardness of diamond material (PCD), the grinding wheel wears quickly. The system can automatically detect and compensate the wear and maintain the dimensional accuracy of grinding for a long time.

Host And General Configuration

1) Spindle motor power: 3 kw.

2) The electric spindle adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, and the speed can be adjusted at will from 500-4,000 RPM.

3) The main shaft is cooled in circulating water.

4) The sand wheel shaft can be adjusted at any Angle from -5° to 25° from the vertical plane.

5) The maximum swing stroke of the grinding wheel is 30mm, and the maximum swing frequency is 60 times/min

6)80 times optical CCD system

7) Industrial control machine and grinding application software (including high-definition video display)

8)A piece of ceramic bonded diamond grinding wheel

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