CNC PCD Tool Grinder’s Technical Parameters
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CNC PCD Tool Grinder’s Technical Parameters


Technical Parameters Of BT-150D CNC PCD Tool Grinder

1.The spindle of grinding wheel

The diameter of the grinding wheel is 150mm

Center hole of grinding wheel 40mm

Power of grinding shaft is 3 kilowatts

The effective grinding speed is adjustable from 1000 ~ 4000 RPM

Servo motor swing, adjustable swing frequency 0 ~ 60 times/min 

Grinding wheel movement range (X direction) 350mm

The Angle of the sand wheel shaft in the vertical plane can be arbitrarily adjusted in the control rice.– 5 ° and 25 °

2.Tool head frame

The range of motion in the feed direction (Y direction) of the table is less than 90 mm

The axial rotation range of the workpiece is 360 degrees

The rotation range of the workpiece in the horizontal plane is 360 degrees

Straight spool display resolution 0.001 mm

12 rotation axis display resolution 1 ‘

Cooling and optical amplification system

Optical microscopic magnification of 0.7 to 4 times

The maximum magnification of the CCD system is about 80 times

Size and weight

The cooling tank capacity with a filter paper is about 70L

The total size of 16 without an integrated cooling system 1890×1650×1980 mm

The total weight of the cooling tank is 2400 kg

The power supply

The main power supply is 12 kW

The power supply voltage 380 v/three-phase /50Hz

The system of Demina BT-150D CNC PCD tool grinder can automatically detect and compensate the wear and maintain the dimensional accuracy of grinding PCD tools.

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