CNC PCD Insert Grinding Machine
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CNC PCD Insert Grinding Machine


The Technical Breakthrough Of CNC PCD Insert Grinding Machine


1. Grinding application software: The grinding software independently developed by our company can be used to set grinding parameters such as tool Angle, arc size, and feed speed. After aligning the tool center and setting the basic parameters through grinding software, the machine can automatically grind the tool with high precision. All the parameters of the machine tool are managed by the database system, which is called by the name of the processing program to facilitate the storage and search of the program. The software can display the tool image and coordinate of the NC axis, and generate calibration lines to display the center position of the rotary axis. At the same time, the software is responsible for the communication between the interface and the NUMERICAL control system.

It can generate numerical control code (G code) by integrating the grinding wheel parameters, tool parameters and machining parameters (such as feed, feed speed and residence time, etc.) of the software interface and transmit them to the numerical control system so that the machine can finish grinding automatically. The software has four cycles for any combination: 1) middle edge grinding, 2) right edge grinding, 3) left edge grinding, 4) all grinding. Can meet all customer requirements and minimize the time spent grinding air.

2. Automatic dressing of grinding wheel: The automatic dressing device of the grinding wheel is installed on the working feed shaft (Y-axis). Driven by servo motor, the diamond grinding wheel is automatically dressed and cleaned.

3. Online measuring device: the contact measurement device is installed on the pneumatic folding bracket. To avoid interference with the grinding wheel in the work, need to measure, by the driving of the NC program to measure after grinding tool, the actual measured value and the value of the difference between the grinding wheel wear can automatically compensate to the thickness of the grinding wheel.

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