CNC Machine Tool Fixture
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CNC Machine Tool Fixture


The present situation of CNC jig

With the development of China's processing industry, jig machine tool is also constantly improved, but in the universality and accuracy still need to be improved, which to a certain extent hindered the development of CNC machine tool processing, in order to improve the universality of jig, many enterprises are constantly and optimization, the commonly used machine tool clip has the following:

1. Combination fixture

In order to improve the use of special fixture, reduce its scrap rate, these different shapes, different specifications of the standard special fixture combination into one, so that it can be used in a variety of different machine tools, to process different devices, so as to improve the versatility of the fixture, while ensuring the accuracy of teaching processing. Because the combination fixture is a combination of several fixtures together, so the volume and weight are larger, in the installation and use process will cause some inconvenience, and one-time investment is high, thereby limiting its application and promotion. 

2.  Automatic fixture

With automation machinery processing, its corresponding fixture is to accelerate the process of automation, in the process of automated assembly line, automatic fixture can be automatically according to the processing of replacement, the whole process without human intervention, so the speed of change quickly, in the process of use of automated jig, to pay attention to the process design jigs delivery, replacement, make the jig can accurately in the process of the change to the scheduled site, using pneumatic, electric or hydraulic pressure as power to achieve rapid change, in addition, due to the fact that high speed cutting automation will bring a lot of chip, so must be on the fixture design automatic sweep device at the same time,Avoid affecting the cutting work, at the same time to do a good job of jig and jig and machine contact parts of the lubrication work, to prevent wear in the processing process is too large, and because of the pipeline type of processing process generally strong continuity, so these work need to pre-set good procedures, so that it can be completed in the case of unmanned operation. 

3. CNC fixture

With the rapid development of mechanical processing industry, numerical control machine tool has been widely used, the machining precision of CNC machine tools, processing speed, higher conversion processing products easy to implement, a high degree of automation, suitable for use in a variety of different specifications, and machining of kinds and high precision, multiple processes, and machining of small-batch, etc., in the numerical control machine tool, puts forward higher requirements on the fixture:First, the jig should have the requirements of high-precision processing, and be able to do their own rapid replacement and jig to the workpiece of the rapid clamping, second, the jig should have a good openness and mobility, the coordinate system of the machine tool is clear, simple data, easy to coordinate conversion calculation;Finally, some CNC machine tools require the corresponding fixture also need to assist the tool automatic tool setting function. 

The development direction of CNC jig

1. Standardized

Under the premise of NC machine tool fixture in the realization of generality, to reduce the cost of the jig itself, should be the direction of standardization, which should be in the current national common fixture, on the basis of modular fixture, suitable for all kinds of fixture processing standard, standardize machine tool fixture become a kind of machine tool equipment, promoting the commercialization of machine tool fixture itself and large-scale production, decrease the cost of jig itself. 

2. Motors

Along with the social various industries of machinery processing products precision demand is higher and higher, requires that the numerical control machine tool fixture to develop in the direction of the melt high-accuracy, the clamp motors is mainly reflected in the design of the structure, the more precision fixture structure of three-jaw self-centering chuck, tooth plate and so on, in the design of fixture structure to give full play to the subjective initiative, in order to realize the mechanical processing development in the direction of the higher precision. 

3. Efficiency

With modern machining industry increasingly competitive, required mechanical processing enterprises to improve the work efficiency to the greatest extent, thus puts forward higher requirements on NC machine tool fixture also, first as a machine tool fixture to be able to meet the requirements of high speed machining, and maximum reduce the auxiliary time of jig, in order to improve the labor productivity of the machine, maintain the continuity of processing and production safety, use machinery to replace manpower, greatly reduces the worker's workload. For example, the use of three-jaw self-centering chucks on high-speed lathe clamping workpiece, can adapt to the high-speed processing conditions of nearly 10,000 RPM, and such as the use of electric vise to the workpiece clamping, more than 5 times higher than the efficiency of tooling clamping, greatly improve the production efficiency of mechanical processing, is conducive to the realization of the profit target of the enterprise. 

4. Flexibility

Flexible fixture is through the study of the science of the structure of fixture design, will be sealed mechanism into a removable, make it can through own combination and adjust to meet the needs of all kinds of technology, all kinds of modular fixture, the representative of group fixture are flexible, but with the high precision and high speed of modern mechanical processing requirements, simple flexibility design has been ragged, so to design more reasonable structure, higher precision, and can automatically remove and replace the clamp removable part will greatly improve the work efficiency, so as to provide better support for modern processing. 


To sum up, with modern processing and manufacturing industry more and more high to the requirement of workpiece manufacturing, numerical control machine tool fixture are moving in the direction of standardization, motors, efficient, flexible, and can foresee, along with the development of science and technology there will be more advanced machine tool fixture, therefore as a fixture design staff, to give full play to creative thinking, constantly design conforms to the concept of modern processing machine tool fixture, promote the steady development of the processing industry.

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