Classification Of Grinding Machines
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Classification Of Grinding Machines


With the increase in the number of high precision, high hardness mechanical parts, as well as the development of precision casting and precision forging processes, grinding machines. Performance, variety, and yield are constantly improving and growing.

Classification Of Grinding Machines

1. Coordinate grinding machine: an internal grinding machine with a precise coordinate positioning device.

2. Centerless grinding machine: the workpiece is held by centerless clamping, generally supported between the guide wheel and the bracket and driven by the guide wheel to rotate the workpiece, mainly used for grinding cylindrical surface grinding machine. Such as bearing shaft, etc.

3. Surface grinding machine: a grinding machine mainly used for grinding the surface of the workpiece.A. The hand grinding machine is suitable for processing small size and high precision workpiece, and can process various special-shaped workpiece including arc surface, plane, groove, etc.B. Large water mill is suitable for the processing of the large workpiece, the processing accuracy is not high, and is different from the hand grinding machine.

4. Belt grinding machine: a grinding machine for grinding with a fast-moving belt.

5. Honing machine: it is mainly used for processing various cylindrical holes (including smooth holes, axial or radial discontinuity surface faces, through holes, blind holes, and multi-step holes), and it can also process taper holes, oval holes, and residual cycloidal holes.

6.Grinding machine: used for grinding workpiece plane or cylindrical inside, outside surface grinding machine.

7. Guide grinding machine: mainly used for grinding the guide surface of the machine tool.

8. Tool grinder: a grinding machine for grinding tools.

9. Multi-purpose grinding machine: a grinding machine for grinding cylindrical, conical inner, outer surface or plane, and grinding a variety of workpiece with follow-up device and accessories.

10. Special grinding machine: a special machine for grinding certain parts.

11. End face grinding machine: a grinding machine for grinding the end face of the gear.

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