Classification Of Grinding Machine
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Classification Of Grinding Machine


Performance, variety and output of grinding machines are constantly improving with the increasing number of high-precision and high-hardness mechanical parts . (1) Cylindrical grinding machine: it is mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical external surface. (2) Internal grinding machine: it is mainly used for grinding cylindrical and conical internal surface. (3) Jig grinder:  It has precise coordinate positioning device, which is used for grinding precision holes with high precision requirements and forming surface (4) Centerless grinding machine:It is a type of grinding machine that does not need to use the work piece axis positioning, mainly composed of grinding wheel, adjusting wheel and work piece support. (5) Plane grinding machine: The work piece is grinding by rotated wheel to achieve the required flatness. It can be divided into rectangular worktable and circular worktable according to the shape of the worktable. (6) Abrasive belt grinder: a grinder that uses a fast moving abrasive belt for grinding. (7) Honing machine: The work piece is grinding by a honing head.It is mainly used in honing work piece hole in automobile, tractor, hydraulic parts, bearings, aviation and other manufacturing industry.There are vertical and horizontal honing machines. (8) Grinding machine: it is used for grinding plane or cylindrical internal ans external surface of the work piece. (9) Guide grinding machine:it is mainly used for grinding guide surface of the machine. (10) Tool grinding machine: a grinder used for grinding tools. (11)Multi-purpose grinder: it is used for grinding cylindrical, conical internal, external surface or plane.It can grind a variety of work pieces with the following device and accessories . (12)Special grinding machine: a special machine for grinding certain kinds of parts. (13) End surface grinder: a grinder used for grinding the end surfaces of gears. Beijing Demina Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is a direct manufacturer specialized tool grinding machine for drills and cutters more than ten years.We produce PCD and CBN tool grinding machines BT150 series and dedicate to researching and developing control and application software for tool grinder.     bt 150j pcd grinder  
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