Characteristics And Uses Of BT-150HG Cutter Grinding Machine
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Characteristics And Uses Of BT-150HG Cutter Grinding Machine


BT-150HG cutter grinding machine the researches on new structures and new grinding methods have played a key role in the development of tool grinding machines. At the same time, the development of machine tool components has also played an important role in the development of machine tools. For example, the application of electric spindles. Due to the compact structure of the electric spindle and the real frequency conversion speed regulation. Some electric spindles are equipped with a constant temperature cooling water jacket to cool the spindle motor and the bearing. And the ceramic bearing is lubricated by the high-pressure oil mist, so it has been widely used. The tool grinding machine machining center can realize high-precision and high-surface-quality workpiece processing to meet the special requirements of automotive. Aerospace and mold industries, thin-walled workpieces and high-light precision special processing requirements. Achieve high-speed machining, not only to provide a suitable high-speed tool grinder. At the same time, there must be a matching tool holder tool to be effective.

Features and uses of a five-axis tool grinder

is a grinding machine for tool making and tool sharpening. It has tool grinders, bit grinders, broaching machines, tool curve grinders, etc. It is used in tools and machinery manufacturers. The structural design of the CBN tool grinder workbench usually meets the following requirements: 1. Tool grinding often requires roughing of all cutting faces in one setup. And the table should suitable for multi-blade machining. 2. The tool is mainly composed of various complex curved surfaces. So the structure of the worktable should meet the requirements of multi-axis linkage machining. And ensure that each motion axis does not produce motion interference within the working range. 3. The worktable should able to withstand the huge grinding force generated during rough grinding. And also ensure high precision during finishing. Therefore, the machine tool needs to have good rigidity, good stability, high motion precision, and small heat denaturation. 4. BT-150HG CBN tool grinder can grind tool.

Three ways of machining center OF BT-150HG cutter grinding machine

BT-150HG CBN tool grinder's main shaft gravity downward, the radial force of the bearing high-speed air running is equal, the rotation characteristics are very good. So the speed can increase, the general high speed can reach above 1,2000r/min, the practical maximum speed.  It has reached 4,000 rpm. The spindle system is equipped with a circulating cooling device. The circulating cooling oil takes away the heat generated by the high-speed rotation, is cooled to a suitable temperature by the refrigerator. And then flows back to the spindle system. The linear axes of X, Y and Z can also feedback by linear encoders, and the bidirectional positioning accuracy is within the micron level. Since the rapid traverse reaches 40 to 60 m/min or more, the ball screws of the X, Y, and Z axes mostly adopt central cooling. Like the spindle system, the circulating oil passing through the cooling flows through the center of the ball screw, taking away heat.
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