Characteristics And Operation Of BT-150HG Cutter Grinding Machine
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Characteristics And Operation Of BT-150HG Cutter Grinding Machine


BT-150HG cutter grinding machine is a stepping motor, PLC programming control system. Automatic wheel feed, can automatically adjust the number of rough grinding, fine grinding. Can remember, store and dynamic tracking. Powerful operation is simple. The equipment is generally equipped with the following configurations: dovetail guide rail; centralized fueling device; PLC programming control system; dust cover device; imported electrical components; scraper fixture. The use of this device can meet the various needs of users, and now many users will choose to use the device.

Advantage of cutter grinding machine

Demina cutter grinding machine is easy to operate, high precision and economical. It can use in one machine, reducing the number of machines, convenient to use and low cost. Portable design, easy to carry, indoor and outdoor use. Diamond wheel design, long wheel life, the sharp angle of sharpening. Hidden cartridge design, easy to manage collet. High-efficiency AC Maléda, stable frequency Good life. The device uses a diamond grinding wheel, which can complete all the processes with a single grinding wheel, precise angle, long life, cost-saving, and improved user efficiency. can grind 2-edge, 3-blade, 4-blade, 6-blade, and other universal end mills. It can also use to directly open the cutting edge with a tungsten rod. The sharpening machine can sharpen the cutting edge (front angle) of the drill bit. And has the apex angle (apex angle), the escape angle (back angle), the front cutting edge (positive front angle), the angle of adjustment. And the center point size can control at will. The center drills the chips more easily and makes drilling easier. Technical parameters: Project MR-F4 grinding range drill: ф2-ф.

Machine Features OF BT-150HG CBN sharpening

1. Special grinding head motor, adjustable axial clearance, stable transmission. Large grinding capacity, long service life, and high precision; 2. Electromagnetic chuck knife table, super suction, with delayed demagnetization function. Reliable positioning, convenient operation and high work efficiency; 3. Turbine vortex, no noise, self-locking, adjustable worktable; 4. Turbine reducer rack drive, accurate transmission ratio, high transmission efficiency; 5. Imported frequency converter speed regulation, arbitrarily adjust the left and right stroke speed and the motor speed of the grinding head; 6. Imported linear guide, ball screw, high-precision smooth motion, stable stroke transmission; 7. Concentrated fueling device to achieve one-time centralized fueling, saving time and convenience; 8. Automatic cleaning, improve the cleanliness of the equipment. Automatically collect waste residue, and automatically purify the cooling water.

Machine operation of BT-150HG cutter grinding

1. Place the knife on the knife table, adjust the amount of the tool to be about 0.5-1.0cm, and the amount of the two ends of the knife should be the same. You can fine-tune the top wire. Turn on the magnetization switch of the electromagnetic device button to make the knife adsorb on the knife table. Adjust the position of the grinding wheel and the angle of the blade. If the blade is found to be in contact with the grinding wheel, turn it into the handwheel to separate it. 2. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and the machine enters the normal working state. 3. Rotate the handwheel to advance the blade in slow and constant speed until it comes into contact with the grinding wheel. And adjust the tightness of the blade to the grinding wheel so that the grinding wheel and the blade can work well.
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