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CCD Camera


CCD camera on the diamond tool grinding machine

Industrial camera refers to the camera equipment that can be applied in the industrial field. It can adapt to the complex industrial environment and work steadily for a long time. Industrial camera refers to the video image acquisition equipment that can be applied to the industrial scene stably and efficiently, and can directly store the image on the hard disk. Compared with ordinary cameras, industrial cameras have high comparability in resolution, frame rate, light requirements, and exposure mode, among which the main component is CCD photosensitive chip. Beijing Demina diamond tool grinding machine on-line monitoring device with CCD camera eyepiece scoreboard, the eyepiece coaxial scoreboard installed in the CCD camera eyepiece with relative on the side of the tube, the eyepiece score for a glass plate, glass imprint several scoreboard used in diamond tool images to be monitored for comparison and/or measuring range and radius of concentric circles, glass score on the board also set to have a number of total magnification and adapted to the corresponding magnification tool arc radius value. Just set the eyepiece coaxial scoreboard in CCD camera eyepiece with relative on the side of the tube, then the CCD camera monitoring, the CCD camera can be monitored the diamond tool to image compared with glass scoreboard on different concentric circles and/or measurement, can be made by monitoring online measuring parameters of the diamond tool, no step by step operation, reduce the processing steps, improve the production efficiency. Online CCD measurement: optical microscope magnification and CCD camera magnification technology are adopted, and the magnification factor is anywhere from 25 to 80.

The marking line used for comparison remains unchanged after calibration, which ensures the accuracy of comparison and enables the machine tool to be accurately detected blade arc.

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