CBN Tool Application
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CBN Tool Application


CBN tool of high thermal hardness, high wear resistance, and not easy to stick knife and other excellent characteristics, so in many metal cutting processing industries has been widely used. The application range mainly includes the following refractory materials: all kinds of hardened steels, such as carbon tool steels, alloy steels, bearing steels, die steels, high-speed steels, etc. Thermal spraying materials, such as Ni-based, Fe-based two series of products; Wear-resistant cast iron: such as V-Ti cast iron, high phosphorus cast iron, and chilled cast iron; Titanium alloy and heat resistant alloy and other materials parts.

(1) Hard processing, to replace the car grinding

Because the PCBN tool has high hardness and red hardness, can make the processed parts with high hardness obtain good surface roughness, so the PCBN tool turning hardened steel can be realized “instead of grinding by car”. Applications such as automobile, motorcycle gear hole processing, such parts of the material are generally 20CrMnTi, carburizing quenching, the surface hardness of 60 ~ 62HRC, gear hole precision is IT6, the surface roughness Ra≤0.8 μm.

The traditional processing technology is: machining – >;Heat treatment – & gt;Grinding.The processing technology of using superhard cutting tools “instead of grinding by car” is rough machining -> Heat treatment – & gt; Finish machining. The new process can greatly improve the processing efficiency, reduce the processing cost, the original use of grinding process class 1 can only process 100 pinions, now using PCBN tool turning (cutting parameters V=60 ~ 120m/min, F ≤0.12mm/r, AP ≤0.1mm, class 1 can process 400 pinions, in addition. The cost of machining each gear has also fallen.

(2) High-speed cutting, high stability processing

In an automobile engine production line, the finishing of the cylinder hole of gray cast iron cylinder block is one of the key processes, which requires high dimensional precision, small surface roughness, and good stability. Due to the fast processing tempo of the production line, the cutting speed is required to be high (usually V≥500m/min), and the tool life is long.

(The number of machining holes ≥1000), and chamfering, mouth stop, rough finishing boring, and other stations of the blade life should meet the requirements of durability. The high-speed cutting and high stability machining of engine cylinder holes can be realized by using the PCBN tool. The typical cutting parameters are: V=500m/min, F = 0.2-0.4mm /r, AP = 0.2-0.7mm;Machining surface roughness Ra≤1.6 μm, tool life >1000 pieces.

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