CBN Grinding Wheel
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CBN Grinding Wheel


Grinding technology for CBN grinding wheel

1) perfect the trace transverse vibration reduction measures to reduce the amount of feed processing equipment related factors in the process of vibration of the measuring axle, motor and belt pulley their amplitude, after the correction of dynamic balance of these parts for assembly, eventually establish and improve the vibration of the countermeasures, will be near the point of grinding wheel in the front of the level of vibration control in setting.

2) high-precision finishing technology

During the shape modification of the cutting edge of CBN grinding wheel, the rotary diamond dresser is used to obtain the sharp cutting edge of the grinding wheel, and the size of the cutting edge is adjusted to make it even, so as to optimize the shape modification state.

3) the surface texture optimization algorithm tries to reduce the relative vibration between the grinding wheel and the workpiece when grinding the rotating workpiece, but it cannot completely eliminate it.For the forced vibration caused by disturbance and the self-excited vibration caused by the change of cutting performance, the non-uniformity of the grinding surface can be reduced by using the algorithm.

4) development of low grinding force grinding wheel in order to ensure that the final grinding surface is homogenized under a small feed, a CBN grinding wheel is developed to reduce the grinding force.In order to ensure the cutting performance of the grinding wheel, the emphasis is placed on the type of abrasive particles, the shape of abrasive particles, the reduction of adhesive content and the improvement of adhesive.

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