BT-80 CNC Grooving Grinding Machine
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BT-80 CNC Grooving Grinding Machine

BT-80 CNC Grooving Grinding Machine

BT-80 CNC Grooving Grinding Machine is equipped with the WINDOWS XP-based tool grinding application package (FLEX V2.0), which can be used for grinding and manufacturing groove grinding of high-speed steel, carbide drills, and milling cutters. All user programs can be stored, copied, renamed and modified (see figure 1). Before starting the tool grinding, two-dimensional simulation can be performed on the tool groove to be ground. If not satisfied, parameters can be adjusted until satisfied.

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Technical Features And Standard Configuration

1、The overall cast iron base and the tool rest of the bed are installed with the linear horizontal axis (X), the horizontal longitudinal axis (Y) and the workpiece rotation axis (A).

2、Grinding wheel head frame and vertical linear axis are installed on the rotating shaft (W)
They are all made of cast iron and installed on the base of the machine tool.

3、All straight spindles use precision ball screw guide
Figure 1 program management interface

4、The dc motor power of the spindle is 12KW, the speed range is 1000-8500rpm, and the spindle is equipped with a two-way frequency converter. Three different grinding wheels can be mounted on the same flange of the grinding wheel spindle.

5、The water baffle is made of 8mm Lexan plastic for easy tool handling and internal lighting.

6、The working head is equipped according to ISO40 standard. One hydraulic expansion tool handle with a diameter of 20 can avoid grinding interference.

7、An internal cooling mailbox with a capacity of 50 liters, 15 liters/min, and finally filtered to PC communication port interface of USB2.0 interface of the 5-micron cooling oil tank.
10-inch touch screen color display
WINDOWS XP operating system
ISO compliant, completely open programming model

8、There are three kinds of electronic handwheel precision: 0.1mm, 0.01mm and 0.001mm. The precision is 480mm/min: 1 micron
Protection level standard: IEO IP X8.


Tool Grinding Program Integrated Into The CNC Control System

1、Simple and intuitive software

The machine is equipped with a 10-inch touch screen with an integrated special control system so that the operator can directly control the machine by observing and setting the knife on the graphical interface.

With parameters, grinding wheel parameters and grinding process parameters to control the machine tool grinding to a qualified tool (see figure 2). It contains a picture of the dialog window, so that the operation of the machine tool becomes very simple, even if the operator has no knowledge of the tool, can also operate the machine tool. The operator can select the tool image to be processed from the database, click on it and start sharpening. Years of experience allows us to quickly create tools for customers, software packages contain a database. It allows you to create tools with the most common parameters. If you have special requirements, you can create your own tool data, based on experience, you can change some basic parameters of the tool to improve the tool performance, and personalized your tool library. Once you have created your own knife, you can keep it in its own database, and use this data to grind any diameter tool or part of the tool.

2、Software package
The machine now comes with the following three software packages:

1). Bit groove package

2). The groove software package of milling cutter

2.1-bit groove package:

There is a bit (including tap) parameter in the database, and you can enter grinding parameters by clicking on the tool image in the software view window that identifies the tool you want to process.

The software package can also inversely calculate the profile of the grinding wheel according to the groove shape of the bit, which provides conditions for the reproduction of high-performance bits. After the user has created their own tool, it will be saved in the database in the next grinding as it was in the last grinding. Select the tool you want to process for grinding.

2.2 Groove software package of milling cutter

In the database system, you can select the milling process and the grinding wheelset used to repair the milling cutter. Input the parameters needed to repair the milling cutter (cutter length, cutter straight

Diameter, number of edges, length of tool edge, core thickness, spiral Angle, length of front Angle, lead). Check the grinding process and input the grinding parameters, the system can directly simulate the shape of the tool groove. Click the run system to generate G code and import it into the control system. Press the start switch on the operating panel to start grinding.

If you want to personalize your milling cutter (or custom milling cutter) to increase the cutting power of the cutter. Create your own milling cutter, change the data you need and start grinding. After you create your own tool, in the next grinding, it will be stored in the database as it was the last time you used it. Select the tool you want to process for grinding.


Technical Parameters Of BT-80 CNC Grooving Grinding Machine

Work head frame – axis A
Working heads: Manual ISO 50 (with phi 12, phi 16, phi 20, phi 25; Tapered sleeve)
Tool clamping diameter range:3-32 mm
Maximum cutter diameter (front face of milling cutter): 230mm
Maximum tool length (total tool length): to 260mm

Grinding wheel spindle
Grinding wheel center hole: 32mm
Number of grinding wheels can be installed:2-3
Spindle power: 12KW DC motor
Speed range of main wheel shaft: 9000rpm

Shaft trip
X-axis grinding wheel head longitudinal stroke: 250mm(Four axis linkage);
Z-axis grinding wheel head vertical travel: 150mm(Four axis linkage);
Y-axis grinding wheel head lateral travel:150mm(Four axis linkage);
B axis grinding wheel space Angle: 0 to 98 degrees (manual setting);
Axis A working head spindle rotation: Infinite (four-axis linkage).

The precision of the shaft
Accuracy of straight spool: 0.001mm;
Axis A working head spindle rotation: 0.001 °;
Maximum feed speed of straight spool:15m/min
The maximum rotation speed of the rotating shaft:30rpm
Machine tool control unit: Control system

Taiwan new generation of dedicated digital control system
1. The machine motor: Delta digital servo motor
2. Measurement system: Data encoder
3. Size:2000x1800x2400(h)mm
4. Weight:4000kg
5. The main power supply: 25KVA
6. The power supply voltage: 400V/3Ph/50HZ


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