BT-150N 3-Axis CNC PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder
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BT-150N 3-Axis CNC PCD&PCBN Tool Grinder


BT-150N 3-Axis CNC Tool Grinder is a grinding machine for economically manufacturing and grinding PCD, PCBN, and CVD tools; manufacturing and grinding non-standard blades of cemented carbide and high-speed steel. When grinding standard or non-standard welding turning tools, machine clamp blades, boring tools, groove tools, and other types of tools, it is easy to grind excessive edges such as angles and arcs on these tools. Diamond tool grinders are used to manufacture and resharpen super hard materials such as PCD, PCBN, and CVD. These super hard materials have high hardness and brittleness and have special grinding process requirements. At present, a manual operation machine is the main equipment of super hard tool grinding. The complex grinding process requires the machine to be flexible enough for manual intervention by operators. The diamond grinding wheel used for super hard tool grinding machine and cutter rub and lose. In order to extend the life of the grinding wheel and minimize the dressing times of the grinding wheel, the grinding wheel is required to oscillate back and forth within the specified range to make the grinding wheel wear evenly in the direction of ring width. The design of most domestic CNC tool grinders has the following two characteristics: One is to sharpen PCBN and PCD tools while taking into account natural diamond tools; Second, it is mainly used for sharpening and welding super-hard turning tools and boring tools, and it also takes care of disk and shaft tools. Demina BT-150N 3-Axis CNC PCD&PCBN tool grinder is widely used in China market. It is popular with tool manufacturers. Welcome to Demina to inspect their productivity.
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