BT-150M Tool Grinder For Diamond Polishing
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BT-150M Tool Grinder For Diamond Polishing


Diamond cutters are now commonly used in the 3C field, which is more representative of the iPhone. However, when the diamond raw material comes, the first step in our polishing operation, which is very simple. But it’s very important. Let’s take a look at the specific steps of polishing.

1. First clean the fixture, diamond, and machine, so as to ensure the accuracy of polishing.

2. Choose a diamond, because a diamond has 8 edges and 2 faces. Before polishing, we need to choose that face as our polishing face to better meets our requirements.

3. For the clamping of the diamond, we install the diamond into the fixture by hand and then lock the screw by hand. Be careful not to lock the screw too tightly, which is easy to crush.

4. Place the diamond on the millstone and press it slightly. Then slowly increase the weight and move the diamond slightly. After a period of time (about 20 seconds), pick up the diamond to see if it is completely clear, and then determine if it is fine.

5. Wait until the diamond completely see light after we can fine throw, at this time our diamond is parallel to the millstone oh, and the pressure of the appropriate reduction, the speed of the swing to speed up.

6. After about 20 seconds of fine casting, we can look at the grain on the surface of the diamond. If it looks smooth to the naked eye, we can look at the grain under the microscope.

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