BT-150H Diamond Tool Grinder Technological Breakthroughs
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BT-150H Diamond Tool Grinder Technological Breakthroughs


BT-150H Diamond Tool Grinder Technological Breakthroughs

1.The optimization of the vertical axis: the micro-adjustment of the vertical axis lift integrated into the workbench fixture, greatly enhance the stability and rigidity of the equipment.

2. More stable feed: PCD is a hard brittle material, can not withstand the impact (especially periodic), so our company’s improved machine tool design with air pressure “flexible feed” device. In the tool blade by the impact of the knife function, effectively improve the roughness of the blade.

3. A large screen is used to display the data and tool images of each coordinate, which is located directly in front of the operating station. It is not necessary to frequently twist the head and raise the head.

4. Spindle Angle: by the servo motor “on line” control, one, two back Angle grinding in one go, but also because of the online control “automation” adjustment. Avoid the “artificial” error caused by manual adjustment, precision, efficiency has been improved.

5. Grinding wheel integrated design: the previous tool grinding, coarse grinding, fine grinding is done on the independence of two grinding wheels, grinding or when a batch of cutting tool replacement after all coarse grinding tool first grinding, fine grinding wheel to continue or every clamping tool to rotate a coarse and fine grinding wheel, the former is of high efficiency but second clamping error exists, the latter high precision but low efficiency. Now, after innovation, the thick and fine grinding wheels are organically combined into “one grinding wheel”, with rough and fine inside, high inside and low outside. During grinding, only change the tool without changing the grinding wheel. Since the coarse and fine grinding wheels are “combined”, either party can be replaced separately when reaching the service life limit. That is, the thick and fine grinding wheels can work to their service life limit, and there is no “waste” of grinding wheels.

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