Boring Blade
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Boring Blade


Blade in the boring cutter body has two installation methods of plain and vertical installation. The radial arrangement and installation of the blade along the cutter body are plain mounted, and the tangential arrangement and installation of the blade along the cutter body are vertically mounted. The clamping mechanism, force, and application of the blade are also different when the blade is installed on the knife body.

1. Blade paperback features: Large supporting surface for blade installation and force; The wedge is pressed tightly on the front or back surface of the blade, and the blade is clamped firmly. There is a knife pad or wedge under the blade, and it is not easy to damage the knife body when the knife is played. By loosening the screw and loosening the wedge, the blade can be taken out, making it easy to turn or replace the blade.

2. The characteristics of the insert vertical installation:

The blade is arranged tangentially, and the blade itself bears a large section of cutting force. The blade is clamped by cutting force, and only a screw is used to fix the blade on the cutter body, which has a simple structure. Large chip tank, smooth chip discharge; The rear surface of the blade allows relatively wide wear area, and the adjacent blade is not easy to collapse and damage; The disadvantages, however, are that perforated blades must be used, blades must be angled or replaced, and the screws that lock the blades must be removed.

PCD Blades and CBN Blades are not suitable for vertical installation.

Because CBN Blade is not easy to open, and PCD Blade because of its very thin, is generally welded on the cemented carbide matrix by welding method.

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