Ball Screw Description And Aplication
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Ball Screw Description And Aplication


Ball screw description

Correct use of ball screws Never remove the ball screw. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the entry of dust, which causes the accuracy to drop or cause a malfunction. Since the reassembly is likely to cause the ball screw to lose its function due to assembly errors, it is hoped that users will not reassemble. If the product is returned to the company, it can be repaired and reassembled in a paid form. The ball screw shaft or nut sometimes comes off due to its own weight. Please be careful not to get hurt. Inadvertently, the function of the product may be lost due to the bump of the track or the damage of the circulating parts. At this time, it is necessary for the company to inspect it, so be sure to return the dropped product to the company, and the company will be responsible for the inspection in a paid form. If there are signs such as damage or damage to the circulating parts, the outer diameter of the shaft, the track, etc., the circulation will be poor, resulting in loss of function of the product.

Advantage of Ball screw

1. Ball screw material is generally used high carbon alloy steel and other materials. 2. High carbon alloy steel carbon content up to more than 0.45%, suitable for induction heat treatment, can make the material has a good surface hardness and surface abrasion resistance, ball screw, therefore, has an excellent service life. 3. At the same time, because the core of the material has not been fertilized by ma tian powder, the iron structure remains pliable, the tensile strength is high and the toughness is strong, so the lead screw is not easy to break because of the impact load. Beijing domina precision machinery co., LTD. manufactures CNC machine tools, which are using the silver screw by HIWIN, with high stability and accuracy. Our ball screw machines are reliable and inexpensive. Welcome everyone to come and buy.
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