Ball End Mill Resharpening Machine
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Ball End Mill Resharpening Machine


Ball end mill resharpening machine is Demina’s new type of tool grinding machine. In the process of machining 3D curved parts with ball-end mills, the end edge of the ball-end mills is easy to wear. Ball end mill surface geometry is complex, its blade sharpening usually requires the import of a five-axis linkage NC tool grinding machine, because the machine is expensive, causing heavy grinding ball end mill side blade cost is very high, so a lot of cutting tool user manual approach is adopted to improve the ball end mill side edge grinding, grinding efficiency and cutting tools are difficult to ensure accuracy, and even some ball end mill can only for one-time use, caused great waste. In order to find a more economical and practical method for the end grinding of ball-end mills, Beijing Demina proposed to reduce the number of linkage axes and realize the regrinding of ball-end mills on a four-axis CNC machine tool. Using this method, not only can reduce the processing cost, reduce the waste of cutting tools, but also can improve the processing accuracy and grinding efficiency, but also can better play the role of the existing machine tools.

When the cylindrical surface of the flat grinding wheel is used to grind the front edge of the end milling cutter or the conical surface of the single beveled grinding wheel is used to grind the back edge of the end milling cutter, through an angular motion, the regrinding of the end edge of the end milling cutter can be realized on the four-axis vertical machining center. The application of this method can reduce the number of axis of the machine tools, improve the utilization rate of the four-axis machine tools, significantly reduce the regrinding cost of the ball-end milling cutter, and improve the grinding precision and efficiency.

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