Application Software Package Of BT-150E 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinder
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Application Software Package Of BT-150E 5-Axis CNC Tool Grinder


The Demina company independently develope grinding software can set the grinding parameters such as tool angle, arc size, and feed speed. After entering the tool, the machine tool can automatically grind the high precision tool by setting the basic parameters of the grinding software. Besides, all parameters of machine tools are managed by the database system and called by the name of processing program to facilitate the storage and search of the program.

Software Package 1: Bit software package.

This software package is used for grinding typical backhoe and double-plane backhoe bits. It can't open bit grooves and clean edges.

Software Package 2: Milling tool software package.

It is used for grinding end teeth of end milling cutters below four edges (including ball cutter and R cutter). The grinding sequence can be arranged arbitrarily and the process data can be edited. In addition, these parameters can be optimized continuously and stored in the database for future use.

Software package 3: Gun drill software package.

It can grind the end of the gun drill, including five small planes and chamfers.

Software package 4: Tool grinding software package.

It is based on design requirements and process requirements of customers. Of course, there is another choice for you to choose, which is developed by Switzerland.

Software package 5: TOOLBOX tool grinding software package.

Adopting the toolbox tool grinding software package of Switzerland and the EDP system based on Five-axis CNC tool grinder, the system has perfect functions and simple operation. It provides a powerful toolbox for the manufacture and grinding of high-precision tools.
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