Application Prospect Of CBN And PCD Tools
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Application Prospect Of CBN And PCD Tools


Cubic boron nitride tools(CBN tools) and polycrystalline diamond tools(PCD tools), as the "teeth" of industry, they provide the basis for the hard-working materials and batch high-speed cutting. At present, the advanced countries have been large-scale use of CBN and PCD tools, accounted for more than 30% of the tools market share. CBN and PCD tools with the high-speed CNC machine, cannot only shorten the non-processing time to more than half but also increase the service life of the machine and improve the processing efficiency. And with its high hardness, high wear resistance, good thermal conductivity, and low friction coefficient and other excellent properties, especially suitable for applications of various CNC automatic processing line. In addition, CBN and PCD tools in the machining field of high speed, high precision, green manufacturing, and other advantages, will be like the development process of high-speed CNC machine. It is a general trend and irresistible.
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