Application Of Sound Control Technology In Diamond Tool Grinding Machine
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Application Of Sound Control Technology In Diamond Tool Grinding Machine


Technological Characteristics Of diamond Tool Grinding

The grinding of diamond tools has its own technological characteristics. The outstanding characteristics are the high hardness of materials. Which leads to excessive wear and tear of grinding wheels and unstable size in the grinding process. Secondly, most diamond tools are turning tools or blades, and their grinding position is uncertainly relative to the position of machine tools (such as the change of blade thickness). Which causes the change of grinding point. Thirdly, the grinding resistance is so great that the processing system composed of grinding wheel, cutting tool, clamping tool. And machine tool produces relatively large elastic deformation, which results in a relatively large phenomenon of "yielding knife". These three characteristics directly affect the dimensional accuracy of the tool after grinding. If not properly solved, it will inevitably lead to poor consistency of grinding dimension accuracy and roughness. Low grinding efficiency, and it is unsuitable for mass production. The application of sound control technology in diamond tool grinder can effectively solve these three problems.

Application Of Adaptive Control Technology In Rough Grinding

Friction between the grinding wheel and diamond cutter produces intense sound wave propagation on process equipment. Monitoring of sound wave can accurately reflect grinding conditions. Such as whether the cutter and grinding wheel are in contact. Whether the pressure between the cutter and the grinding wheel ( that is grinding resistance) is eliminated, etc. If the control system can collect and analyze this information in real-time so that the machine tool control system can adapt to it. It is like installing a sensitive ear on the machine tool, making the machine tool controller become a more intelligent adaptive system.

The Application Of "Tool-setting Grinding Method" In Fine Grinding

Although the wear of the grinding wheel is difficult to measure, besides, the height of the blade is difficult to measure within a certain range. The control system with voice control device can always easily record the accurate position of the contact moment between the tooltip and the grinding wheel surface. With this as a starting point, the relative feed can accurately control dimensional accuracy. Which we call "tool-setting grinding method". Of course, the prerequisite of "tool-setting grinding method" is that there is an accurate datum in the previous process. Or that the dimension before grinding can measure accurately, which can be achieved by on-line measurement system of CCD system.
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